Crocus Academy of Prophecy On-line School

New On-Line Academy of Prophecy training for Prophetic people. Answers to questions you always had. What is a prophet? Are they even necessary today? Can you be trained to hear God’s voice more clearly?  Surely we all have a desire to hear God speak. In fact, we need to hear God speak, more today than any other period. We will guide you through scripturally based lessons that will open your heart and spirit to God like never before. You will have a clearer understanding of how important the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are and how to be a vessel for these gifts.

Become a polished arrow in Gods quiver (Is 49:2b). Sharpen your discernment and become comfortable with your gifts.  Easy to understand material. Video and CD will guide you through lectures.  The first part of the course has 10 lessons and has two more Modules. You will learn an enormous amount about how God instructs through His Word and what He expects from you.

Module 1 must be completed before you can continue on to Module 2 and Module 3.  The course begins at the beginning and takes you on a journey. We will be with you on-line all the way. You will have access to our teachers and trainers and can pose any questions you may have.

  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Cost  R1500 


A student user name and password for the Academy of Online School will be issued within 24 hours of payment.

Course Content:
Lesson 1:  Walking in the Spirit
Lesson 2:  Overview of the gifts of the Spirit
Lesson 3:  Purpose of the gifts
Lesson 4:  Word on Knowledge
Lesson 5:  Word of Wisdom
Lesson 6:  Tongues and interpretation of tongues
Lesson 7:  Prophecy Part 1
Lesson 8:  Prophecy Part 2
Lesson 9:  Discerning of spirits
Lesson 10: Being used in the gifts


Upcoming Online Courses

Currently under development 2016: Module 2, Module 3, and Advanced Module

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All of the courses will be available to watch 24 hours a day for 6 months from the time of registration.
These courses will play on most tablets and smartphones and from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.

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